Sunday, April 10, 2011



Well, I have decided to create my own blog at 41!  Ha...My name is Eva but my friends and family refer to me as Tata or Tati.  I never have been much of a blogger or blog follower but the last three years have been a life changing experience for me and my family.  It first started with two lovely blogs I came across, and they are both amazing strong woman and I love their blogs. They have been a huge influence in why I have decided to share my journey with all of you.  Where do I start, I moved to the Catskill Mountains in NY from Queens, NY.  I have always loved the country and we decided to make the move so here we are. My husband (Harry) and I have lived here with two of our three kids.  We have a twenty one year old daughter in college and two kids at home , a Yorkie named Chanel and a Cockerspaniel named Belle.  Fast forwarding a bit and we just purchased an Old Victorian home last month and we are in the process of renovating this lovely relic which we all have decided to call it the "money pit" , here are some before pics...will post after pics once we make some progress.

These are just a few of the rooms, we have a total of seventeen rooms that need we are not crazy - I think ???