Wednesday, June 27, 2012

living the country life...

random photos of daily life in the country...pets, gardening, etc...

meet my potbelly pig...Billy

he loves to play with the hay/straw and also mud...

he is quite shy...

curious little piggy...

view of the mountains in my backyard...

handmade bird house

gourd bird house

my vegetable garden...

salvia, already planted them in the front yard

 taxi tomatoe plants

mixture of tomatoe plants


workout board...I change it weekly!

my side porch, can you tell I love plants...

planted a climbing clematis - can't wait for it to bloom!

happy, happy planter

my favorite chaise & old quilts - back porch

lanterns, can never have enough

love lanters

wind chimes...

enjoy...and thanks for stopping by,

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Etsy posting...

Just posted some new items on next listing will be on Friday!

patchwork bustle skirt

upcycled vintage tribal patch shorts

patchwork tiered floral summer dress and upcycled sweater bag

upcycled sweater bag

patchwork tiered long native print dress

reconstructed upcycled halter ruffled patchwork tunic top

Which of these is YOUR favorites, I would love to hear from you...

thanks so much for stopping by...
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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rainbow in the Catskills...

As some of you may be aware has been raining here in the Catskill Mountains quite frequently...just about daily.  Today was one of the weirdest rain falls we had in quite some time.  The sun was partially still out but it was also very dark on one side of my poured and poured for a brief moment...then the clouds started to part and out of nowhere came out not one but two beautiful are some of the pictures I was able to take...enjoy!

see how strange the sky looks...a bit dark & a bit bright.

big bright double rainbow

double rainbows...lovely

beautiful bright colors...rainbow

double can barely see the top one

pretty double rainbow

rainbow...double you can just make it out


I love rainbows as you can see by the amount of pictures I took today...I hope they brighten your day as they did mine.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Delhi 5k Covered Bridge Run...

I ran the 5k covered bridge run on Saturday - June 2, 2012.  It was only the second race I have ever competed in and it was so amazing.  The night before, I was like a kid waiting for Santa.  I could not sleep, totally restless and super excited.  I woke up at 6 am - ate some oatmeal...did some stretching.  My hubby Harry went with me and we picked up my friend Ehren along the way who is an awesome athlete (her time was 26:16).  We arrive with about 30 minutes to we register and then go for a quick brisk run right before the start.

The whistle blows at 9 am sharp...the race begins.  I had a game plan going into this, since my last race I had no idea what to expect.  I started with a nice easy pace...concentrating on breathing and not stopping.  I hit the 1 mile some water...continued maintaining my pace...The first mile was fine.  The 2nd mile was starting to become harder...I told myself - FOCUS - pace yourself, then we hit a hill....UUGGHHH I hate hills! 

I continue and get over the my legs are throbbing and I am seriously drenched in sweat.  I pull off my long sleeve shirt tie it around my waist and continue to run...I am nearing the 3 mile mark and I start to slow down, my legs mouth is dry...I am starting to feel nauseas...I want to stop and wallk.  I slow down and then stop - I was so mad at myself.  I start to have a serious mental fight with myself, I rip off my earphones and tell myself - stop your -HIT and a few other words that I won't write. You came this far why would you stop now...I knew I was so close, so I started to run...I ran like my life depended on it --- I see the finish line up ahead so close, then I am actually crossing the finish line (30:13)!  It was so awesome and I was so happy that I didn't give up even though it was tough and my body and mind wanted to stop.  I was so proud of myself and my little handmade wooden medal...

Me with my handmade wooden medal for 2nd place in my age group

I'm coming in for the stretch almost crossing the finish line

Ehren and I after the race...

Me recovering after the race...

Now that I have been running for quite some time, I actually love it and enoy the time I get to myself.  It's hard to describe the feeling...

I will keep you posted on my next one...I am also training for the Spartan Race 2013.

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