Saturday, October 29, 2011

Drive the Hippe Chic Crazy

I drive my wife nuts,she is anal and I do not care about much let alone what people think or my spelling.If you are going to follow this blog you will tell if it is me or her writing,remember anal vs dont care.The fact I just spelled dont wrong twice she will tell me not to write on her blog its hers and not mine so I sould care and she is right but I just dont care.I really try to care but it only last a day or two and then I am back to who cares.I did a farmers market this morning and sold some of her leg warmers and hand warmers.Then I went and got some fresh bread and veggies for dinner.Their is nothing like fresh stuff.I know their is three theirs but I only use one it goes back to who cares.The Hippe Chic made some cool gloves today and I sold a vintage dress to a women in Portugal.I was lucky enough to travel to Spain and Portugal in the early 90s.They have a good life style over their.Well its snowing again we are going to get around 14" tonight.We are going over our friends house for diner,her name is Liza Belle and she is a true Hippe,man can she cook,so good and fresh.

You can find more of these crazy items on her etsy shop:

Friday, October 28, 2011


The Hippe Chic finished the pillows.And I will be painting tomorrow.Its cold

and wet in the Catskills.Our daughter is graduating Rutgers U this year and WIIIILL go to Law school after RU.She will thank us in the long run.We are all proud of Figgy.

Sheetrock is Done

I finished the sheetrock and the Hippe Chic wants it painted already,I have to pick the kids up from school now.The pillow cases are almost done for our good customer Cole,she also has an Etsy store for Jewlery.Also check out Evas Closet our other store on Etsy we sell Vintage clothes and other items.

Sheetrocking the living Room Today

The Hippe chic is sewing again,she is making pillow covers for a good customer and once again they are coming out nice.Before moving to the sticks we both had good jobs in NYC but we were not happy.You make all this money and you have all this material stuff and it seems important,being up here for over three years and getting ride of all the material nonsense and not having half the money we use to have makes all of us happy.When we go back to NYC or Jersey and we see our friends with all the cars and big houses and everything that goes with living down state,we just look at each other and smile and can not wait to get back and smell the crisp air.We gave up the material stuff for,working from home,no boss,picking the kids up from school,going to every game the kids have,having a garden.Material stuff is not a bad thing but at this point in our lives we do not want it and we do not need it.I forgot one other thing,imagine going to motor vehicle and you are the only one in line and one person is doing everything.I use to go to motor vehicle on Rockaway Blvd,Queens N.Y and it was two hours and a $100 parking ticket. I have to sheetrock the room now she is giving me the look.

First Snow Fall...

I have learned from living in the Catskills that you can not ever predict the weather...we had our first snow fall yesterday along with a short blackout and it was beautiful. I caught some pictures for you guys...

So pretty...and peaceful!

Beautiful bright sun peaking thru...

That's a little peak at my back porch...

Hope your day is full of warmth and happiness!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Sweet Girl "Belle"

Although I have three children...I also have two dogs which I also consider my kids. Here is my pretty girl "Belle" sleeping on her favorite chair trying to stay warm...I can't believe it's snowing right pretty!

Sewing And Staying Warm

She has been sewing all day for some custom orders,and is now sitting by the fire place to stay warm...trying to stay warm is good in this house. It's been snowing the whole day in the Catskills. While she is sewing...

she is also complaining about me sheetrocking a room.

Sitting Room In The Hippe Chic House

My wife comes up with the craziest ideas when it comes to clothes and putting this money pit of a Victorian together.I look at some of the things she does when she starts it and I am like what is that and why would you even want that then the finished product is in front of me and I am like WOW that is pretty cool.Check out our sitting room on the first floor of the house.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Fun...

I know I have not been diligent with posting on my blog but I need to learn many things, like how to do these gadget things,!
This summer has been one of the best so far...we got to get away many times to our tiny cottages by Thousand Island, which are on Lake Ontario.  It's always so beautiful and peaceful up's weird I live in the country, but when I visit the lake it's different.  Here are some pics of the summer fun my family and I have had so far...

My lil guy Aidan walking on the dock, I call him Bubba.

Three little cabins or "cabanas" as we call them  We painted each one a different color about 6 yrs ago, I think they need to be repainted again. so much fun as long as you have some coordination!

Kids just being kids swimming in the lake...precious!

remember headstands in the water...

The view from cabin# 2

The sunsets are amazing up we are driving so I snapped a quick picture...
My Yorkie Chanel, she's such a DiVa!

Hey, also check out my Etsy page just posted a bunch of stuff!

Peace ~

Sunday, April 10, 2011



Well, I have decided to create my own blog at 41!  Ha...My name is Eva but my friends and family refer to me as Tata or Tati.  I never have been much of a blogger or blog follower but the last three years have been a life changing experience for me and my family.  It first started with two lovely blogs I came across, and they are both amazing strong woman and I love their blogs. They have been a huge influence in why I have decided to share my journey with all of you.  Where do I start, I moved to the Catskill Mountains in NY from Queens, NY.  I have always loved the country and we decided to make the move so here we are. My husband (Harry) and I have lived here with two of our three kids.  We have a twenty one year old daughter in college and two kids at home , a Yorkie named Chanel and a Cockerspaniel named Belle.  Fast forwarding a bit and we just purchased an Old Victorian home last month and we are in the process of renovating this lovely relic which we all have decided to call it the "money pit" , here are some before pics...will post after pics once we make some progress.

These are just a few of the rooms, we have a total of seventeen rooms that need we are not crazy - I think ???