Wednesday, May 30, 2012

thrifted threads...

My favorite place of all time to shop is the thrift store...I can spend hours there and I usually go about three times a week to different thrift stores.  Today I am sharing with you an outfit post that was entirely thrifted. 

The sneakers are a fairly new thrift store purchase...and were only $2. They are red converse...I own a few pairs and they all have been thrifted! 

The levi shorts were purchased a few months ago and were $1.50. 

Lastly, the vintage top which I purchased three years ago for $2... I wear alot.  I love it to death - it reminds me of the Free People style.

The total cost for this outfit ~ $5.50 - gotta love it!!!

 red converse sneakers

 cut off denim levis

crochet knit top with multi color beading - love this top!

red converse

beading detail on top

my curly hair

Me in my favorite summer outfit...enjoying the day!

What deals do you get when you go thrifting...?

Thanks for stopping by,

Chao for now...


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

race day count down...

I am getting very excited and a bit nervous as my next 5k race approaches.  I am running another 5k on Saturday - June 2nd.  My goal is to beat my time of my last race...33 mins. and come in at 30 mins. or less...that would be so awesome!!!

I have been running outside and have improved on my speed and stamina.  My last race I started the race in a sprint sort of mode and then totally lost energy and burnt out...hence the slow time I finished with :(

I am so focused this time around I think I may be overthinking it...I know now I need to start slow...maintain a good pace and then the last quarter mile or so, I need to run at a fast speed...and hopefully meet my goal.  I am planning on going to the gym tomorrow and doing my strength training workout with Ehren.  I hope to run at least one mile tomorrow.  I will then run at least two or three on Thursday.  Friday will be an easy walk day and maybe do an easy run just to keep my legs active. 

I am starting to really enjoy running...I love the competitive edge it brings and I am really competitive with myself... I hope I do well and meet my goal.  I will surely do daily updates that lead up to race day and the outcome.  Wish me luck!!!

Does anyone have any tips for me on running a 5k ?  If you do, I would love to hear from you.

Chao for now...


Friday, May 25, 2012

bedroom tour...

Today I am sharing with you pictures of my bedroom. My bedroom consist of two rooms, and like most Victorian homes the rooms are small.

My home was originally a convent for the Catholic church which is next door...the two rooms I chose as my master bedroom were originally a sitting room/den, at least that's what I think it was.  I didn't want to start knocking out walls, it just made sense to make this my bedroom. I chose a pastel pink for the bedroom color.  It has just enough warm but is also almost neutral so it's not over powering.  The bedroom gets alot of I went with a light airy color. I love the columns and my built-ins...also LOVE my fireplace (it works)!!

my bed, yes it's huge!

my bed, thrifted bedding, the lace skirt is actually an old table cloth.  My kids wall art in the background.

one of the three built-ins I have, this has family pictures.

my kids wall art...I love hanging their art everywhere in the house.

more wall art that my kids made...

this is the second room facing my has a massive fireplace, two
built-ins and a small tiny covered porch...

night stand with my vintage tri-fold mirror and hair brush set.  the clock is not vintage - it also doesn't work but I love it and can't get myself to throw it out.

more kids wall art...

right side off the fireplace...

left side off the fireplace...

My Buddha that sits on the mantel.

dream catchers hanging from the fireplace.

my beloved red tufted love seat's red velour...YUM! I purchased it a few years ago on craigs list.
It faces the fireplace.

Indian patchwork floor cushion...I have two of them the other one is in my daughters room - they were purchased at  The cotton peacock round rug is from

fireplace...buddha, ganesh.  The weired blue painting you see
was purchased at Brooklyn Flea Market.

another view of the fireplace...

right side of the room...door leading to porch.

I love how the pink color turned out...did you notice those columns...?

I hope you enjoyed the tour...thanks so much for stopping by.

Chao for now,


Thursday, May 24, 2012

my outdoor garden...

My garden is starting to take shape...anyone that is familiar with where I live knows it's  cold and flowers tend to bloom a bit late, but luckily last winter was what we call mild here in the mountains! 

I am sharing with you bits and pieces of one of my outdoor everything else - it's a work in progress.  My garden consist mostly of wildflowers a mix of perennial & annuals.  I plant lots of bulbs so they come back every year and plant them weekly so you have different flowers growing thru the summer season.

I purchased 150 bulbs to plant...I will start today!

this is the walk way path leading to backyard

moroccan turqouise lantern purchased 4 of them at urban outfitters a few yrs ago...metal stand was purchased at family dollar for $1.50
my goal today is to plant all you see here, including the bags of bulbs!

can't get enough of rock borders or rock them and they cost nothing!

walk way path leading to side yard...

metal tricycle plant stand picked it up at our local transfer station aka the dump --- FREE!

moroccan lantern

flowers from my garden...

flowers from my garden.

more flowers...

climbing rose bush in the tricycle, ostrich fern and wildflowers...

just planted these on the rain

love to mix things up in the garden, these are my border...


a bit of everything together...more pics to come as we make progress...

I love to garden, it's so peaceful and rewarding to me...

Do you like to garden...

Chao for  now,


Thursday, May 17, 2012

tripod for my camera...

I normally go thrifting about three to four times a week depending on my errands the kids sport schedules, etc...I went to my favorite thrift store yesterday and found what I have been wanting for a long time but did not want to spend money on at best buy. 

Here is the beauty that I scored yesterday for $3...I know - crazy right! I am so excited to get to use this - now I can even take photos of me alone without waiting on my hubby to get home...I feel like a kid in a candy store - so stoked!

I purchased my camera on ebay last year...Canon EOS Rebel, a great beginners camera.  I somehow fell in love with photography by accident.  I just wanted to take nice pictures for my blog and my etsy site, but now I have discoved pinterest and it really is a beautiful thing...

I am having lots of fun learning, but now with the tripod it will bring it to a whole new level...

I am curious, what camera are you using for your photos ?

tripod - I can adjust the height on it too.

Well, I am off to eat some breakfast and then yes...going thrifting today!

Just remember, I have 18 rooms to decorate in my Victorian home so thrift stores are the best way to go...

See ya later,



Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Graduation Day...

My oldest daughter graduated on Mother's Day from Rutgers University...I know it was the best gift ever!!!  The weather was beautiful, the cermony a bit long...but we are all very proud of her.  Just wanted to share the day...

commencement ceremony...about 4.5 hrs long in 90 degree weather...

Diploma ceremony - very intimate, beautiful!

My three kids: Devin, Evadne and Aidan

 My husband Harry, Evadne and me...

My Family!

Evadne, the graduate!

Just thought I would share my amazing Mother's Day with you...

Chao for now,