Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Fun...

I know I have not been diligent with posting on my blog but I need to learn many things, like how to do these gadget things,!
This summer has been one of the best so far...we got to get away many times to our tiny cottages by Thousand Island, which are on Lake Ontario.  It's always so beautiful and peaceful up's weird I live in the country, but when I visit the lake it's different.  Here are some pics of the summer fun my family and I have had so far...

My lil guy Aidan walking on the dock, I call him Bubba.

Three little cabins or "cabanas" as we call them  We painted each one a different color about 6 yrs ago, I think they need to be repainted again. so much fun as long as you have some coordination!

Kids just being kids swimming in the lake...precious!

remember headstands in the water...

The view from cabin# 2

The sunsets are amazing up we are driving so I snapped a quick picture...
My Yorkie Chanel, she's such a DiVa!

Hey, also check out my Etsy page just posted a bunch of stuff!

Peace ~

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