Saturday, October 29, 2011

Drive the Hippe Chic Crazy

I drive my wife nuts,she is anal and I do not care about much let alone what people think or my spelling.If you are going to follow this blog you will tell if it is me or her writing,remember anal vs dont care.The fact I just spelled dont wrong twice she will tell me not to write on her blog its hers and not mine so I sould care and she is right but I just dont care.I really try to care but it only last a day or two and then I am back to who cares.I did a farmers market this morning and sold some of her leg warmers and hand warmers.Then I went and got some fresh bread and veggies for dinner.Their is nothing like fresh stuff.I know their is three theirs but I only use one it goes back to who cares.The Hippe Chic made some cool gloves today and I sold a vintage dress to a women in Portugal.I was lucky enough to travel to Spain and Portugal in the early 90s.They have a good life style over their.Well its snowing again we are going to get around 14" tonight.We are going over our friends house for diner,her name is Liza Belle and she is a true Hippe,man can she cook,so good and fresh.

You can find more of these crazy items on her etsy shop:

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