Friday, October 28, 2011

Sheetrocking the living Room Today

The Hippe chic is sewing again,she is making pillow covers for a good customer and once again they are coming out nice.Before moving to the sticks we both had good jobs in NYC but we were not happy.You make all this money and you have all this material stuff and it seems important,being up here for over three years and getting ride of all the material nonsense and not having half the money we use to have makes all of us happy.When we go back to NYC or Jersey and we see our friends with all the cars and big houses and everything that goes with living down state,we just look at each other and smile and can not wait to get back and smell the crisp air.We gave up the material stuff for,working from home,no boss,picking the kids up from school,going to every game the kids have,having a garden.Material stuff is not a bad thing but at this point in our lives we do not want it and we do not need it.I forgot one other thing,imagine going to motor vehicle and you are the only one in line and one person is doing everything.I use to go to motor vehicle on Rockaway Blvd,Queens N.Y and it was two hours and a $100 parking ticket. I have to sheetrock the room now she is giving me the look.

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