Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bohemian Dining Room on a budget...

Today I am sharing with you some pictures of my dining room.  I painted the walls with a technique I found on HGTV called color washing. I thought it would best fit the homes age and the fact that I have hairline cracks in the wall, it would make sense. I knew when I purchased this house last year that I would not gut it and put up "sheet rock". I love the feel the paint gives this room. This is a large room so I needed to make sure I had enough furniture to fill it but not clutter the room.  It has an area where I have my little inside garden with a reading self made wall unit...and then my ever growing wall collection.  The wall collection is mostly of deer antlers I found at flea markets or local thrift stores.  A few wall mask, an aztec calender I purcased on etsy and a few other found objects that caught my eye.  If you look at the corner blue table, you can see my little elephants...I collect those too.  (Please don't mind the wires sticking out bottom left corner, as we are having electric work done to the house.)

Let's start with the dining room table...that was a custom made table that someone else ordered and then changed their mind so they did not purchase it.  I found it in the bottom floor of a barn....SCORE!  and it came with the bench...I know crazy right.  The set of four beautiful wood chairs with the scroll work on the back are from the transfer station - so they were FREE (some soap and water, a little bees wax and they were brand new)...the other two chairs were purchased from the local thrift store for about $2 each.

If you look at my plants the huge planter by the window...was also found at the transfer station, the other mosaic planter is from IKEA...cheetah print chair was purchased from craigslist for $50. My stereo was from my local thrift store and I purchased it for $8.  The curtains were purchased on clearance for $5 each...Now, if you take a look at my ceiling... yes it is a purple-ish blue but not periwinkle.  I am stenciling by hand a morrocan pattern I purchased from etsy.  I try to do one panel per day since it does put some stress on my by doing one per day it's alot easier.  I love birds but have not had luck taking care of them so I decided to get a small birdcage which you see if white and then put a red (fake) birdie inside.  It looks so real...

These last set of pictures are from different views of the dining room...this house is a work in progress...with a total of seventeen rooms, I will be decorating it for a long time...I will update pictures once the ceiling and crown molding are complete.

Chao for now...



  1. Brilliant!I love it all! You pick up the most amazing bargains,your a thrifting goddess lol:).The table is fab & the chairs go so well,love the armchair too.Great job!

  2. Thank you! It's an least that's what my husband says...haha