Friday, May 25, 2012

bedroom tour...

Today I am sharing with you pictures of my bedroom. My bedroom consist of two rooms, and like most Victorian homes the rooms are small.

My home was originally a convent for the Catholic church which is next door...the two rooms I chose as my master bedroom were originally a sitting room/den, at least that's what I think it was.  I didn't want to start knocking out walls, it just made sense to make this my bedroom. I chose a pastel pink for the bedroom color.  It has just enough warm but is also almost neutral so it's not over powering.  The bedroom gets alot of I went with a light airy color. I love the columns and my built-ins...also LOVE my fireplace (it works)!!

my bed, yes it's huge!

my bed, thrifted bedding, the lace skirt is actually an old table cloth.  My kids wall art in the background.

one of the three built-ins I have, this has family pictures.

my kids wall art...I love hanging their art everywhere in the house.

more wall art that my kids made...

this is the second room facing my has a massive fireplace, two
built-ins and a small tiny covered porch...

night stand with my vintage tri-fold mirror and hair brush set.  the clock is not vintage - it also doesn't work but I love it and can't get myself to throw it out.

more kids wall art...

right side off the fireplace...

left side off the fireplace...

My Buddha that sits on the mantel.

dream catchers hanging from the fireplace.

my beloved red tufted love seat's red velour...YUM! I purchased it a few years ago on craigs list.
It faces the fireplace.

Indian patchwork floor cushion...I have two of them the other one is in my daughters room - they were purchased at  The cotton peacock round rug is from

fireplace...buddha, ganesh.  The weired blue painting you see
was purchased at Brooklyn Flea Market.

another view of the fireplace...

right side of the room...door leading to porch.

I love how the pink color turned out...did you notice those columns...?

I hope you enjoyed the tour...thanks so much for stopping by.

Chao for now,



  1. Wow!You just have such fantastic taste!I love it all .The bed is gorgeous,great idea with the table cloth.I have used a tablecloth over the bed but never thought to use it underneath.The columns & the built ins are wonderful as is the fire place. I like to have my kids art all over the place too:)The pink is perfect.Love the red chair too ,fabulous!!Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks so much Skye! I hope all is well and you finally have some rain...