Tuesday, May 29, 2012

race day count down...

I am getting very excited and a bit nervous as my next 5k race approaches.  I am running another 5k on Saturday - June 2nd.  My goal is to beat my time of my last race...33 mins. and come in at 30 mins. or less...that would be so awesome!!!

I have been running outside and have improved on my speed and stamina.  My last race I started the race in a sprint sort of mode and then totally lost energy and burnt out...hence the slow time I finished with :(

I am so focused this time around I think I may be overthinking it...I know now I need to start slow...maintain a good pace and then the last quarter mile or so, I need to run at a fast speed...and hopefully meet my goal.  I am planning on going to the gym tomorrow and doing my strength training workout with Ehren.  I hope to run at least one mile tomorrow.  I will then run at least two or three on Thursday.  Friday will be an easy walk day and maybe do an easy run just to keep my legs active. 

I am starting to really enjoy running...I love the competitive edge it brings and I am really competitive with myself... I hope I do well and meet my goal.  I will surely do daily updates that lead up to race day and the outcome.  Wish me luck!!!

Does anyone have any tips for me on running a 5k ?  If you do, I would love to hear from you.

Chao for now...


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