Wednesday, May 30, 2012

thrifted threads...

My favorite place of all time to shop is the thrift store...I can spend hours there and I usually go about three times a week to different thrift stores.  Today I am sharing with you an outfit post that was entirely thrifted. 

The sneakers are a fairly new thrift store purchase...and were only $2. They are red converse...I own a few pairs and they all have been thrifted! 

The levi shorts were purchased a few months ago and were $1.50. 

Lastly, the vintage top which I purchased three years ago for $2... I wear alot.  I love it to death - it reminds me of the Free People style.

The total cost for this outfit ~ $5.50 - gotta love it!!!

 red converse sneakers

 cut off denim levis

crochet knit top with multi color beading - love this top!

red converse

beading detail on top

my curly hair

Me in my favorite summer outfit...enjoying the day!

What deals do you get when you go thrifting...?

Thanks for stopping by,

Chao for now...



  1. Oh i love the converse,there is no way i would find a pair in an op shop here for that price.I want an aqua\bright blue coloured pair.Great top i can see why you love it.:)

  2. Yeah, I am lucky where I live the thrift stores are so inexpensive. When I lived in NYC they were so pricey...hey it's back to raining all week ;( be well Skye...